When Going Green Scored With The Greeks

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Ramsay Seikaly

Hollywood — Green and not red was the call of the day as the month of May closed with the World Premiere of “A Green Story”, the rags to riches bio-pic of Van Vlahakis a Greek immigrant who became the king of green with his now famous company Eco Friendly Products and the story behind its emergence as a powerhouse player in the flourishing field of environmentally friendly products. It just shows you that when you have the desire to succeed and the drive to make it happen chances are you will get their depending upon your attitude and what you need, you must, you have to do to achieve your goal.

For some of us it is elusive yet for others it is happening. Who makes the grade depends many times not on fate but on how one handles his or her own personal and public circumstance. For the consequences of our action lingers at times well after the life span of our initial action.  It remains our choice whether to seize the moment on the road of our stellar success or release the moment on the road of our disastrous failure. Whichever road we are on nothing is determined unless we make it so.  In the end it is not what is handed to us in the life span of our success and failure but rather how we manage what has been handed to us–wisely and with prudence or carelessly lost in our epicurean delight. Living in the moment for the pleasure of the moment with total disregard for the repercussions of our behavior.

This is the lesson I seemed to get from this bio pic, that Van Vlahakis didn’t just do it his way and got away with it. He did it any which way he could in spite of what life handed him and despite the rejection of family and the betrayal of close colleagues. He had a vision and he set out to implement that vision of a cleaner, safer, better environment for his family first but also for the rest of us. You can understand now why Eco Friendly Products was and still is the pioneer of the Green revolution. They were among the first, well before the first Earth Day back in 1970 when a young Greek from Crete began selling his own proprietary mix of Earth friendly products out of his garage in suburban Chicago. The year was 1967 and I was just eight years old newly arrived in this country. You could say I was still green in my years like Van.  LOL!!

So here then now is our interview with some of the cast members and filmmakers that made this going green picture a memorable green story.


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